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"⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ It's BUFFY meets FIREFLY on Mars with trains. Awesome!"

- Barry J. Hutchison, bestselling author of SPACE TEAM


You want it? We got it. By the trainload!

Do you love to read pulse-pounding science-fiction adventure? Do you yearn for SF books with as much heart as they have action? As much humor and emotion as they have blasters and black holes? We're talking FIREFLY here, or STAR WARS, or LOST IN SPACE. If you answered YES to any of the above, CANNONBALL EXPRESS is made for you. It's hot off the presses, it's precision-engineered for your reading pleasure, and it's ready to roll right now.

To be clear, if you're after hard and gritty SF with plausible tech and a serious tone, move along. Nothing for you here. And if you're looking for breeze-block-sized epics with labyrinthine plots and casts of thousands, keep looking.


... if you're in the market for 200+ pages per volume of breathless chases, thrilling battles, monsters, comedy, and a dash of romance, all packed into every standalone sci-fi adventure, the CANNONBALL EXPRESS series might be just your ticket.

Better yet, the ticket office is just around the corner!

Click that big red button below to check out CANNONBALL EXPRESS on Amazon now. The series is available there in paperback, hardcover, Kindle eBook format, and as part of a Kindle Unlimited subscription.


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